Hardy Boyz Win the SmackDown Tag Team Titles

It was a match everyone wanted to see but a match nobody got at WrestleMania 35. WWE made up for it by offering a classic tag team match between brothers as the Usos would defend their titles again the Hardy’s on SmackDown Live.

In a great back and forth match that was only fitting of two teams the caliber of these two teams, the Hardy’s were able to pull out the win and became the new SmackDown tag team champions.

As they were set to celebrate and conduct an interview in the ring, Lars Sullivan made his way down to the ring, and much like he did the night before on Raw, took out the Hardy’s and left them laying in the ring.

Clearly, the Hardy’s were crowned the new champions, but by the time that night was complete, they obviously would have felt like anything but champions.

Why Sullivan?

Why WWE would have Sullivan take out the tag team champions when he’s not scheduled to be part of a tag team is a big baffling. WWE is obviously trying to push him as a monster and taking out the new tag champs is one way to do so, but it doesn’t quite fit.

Congratulations to the Hardy’s who are the new SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions. For the Usos, this probably signals a move to Raw for the long-time SmackDown duo.

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