Goldberg’s Most Likely Victims At Saudi WWE Show

One of the big news items of the past 48 hours is that Goldberg will be making his return to WWE as part of the Saudi show that happens on June 7, 2019, from the city of Jeddah.

Notwithstanding all the rumors of what he’s being paid, how many events he’ll do with WWE or if this is a one-time shot, the fact that Goldberg is back is being treated as huge news by WWE. Maybe it’s because they think he’s that big of a deal, maybe it’s because they stopped him from joining AEW or maybe it’s because he’s one of the few legends left that is not on this card.

Whatever the case, someone is next. We’re wondering, ‘Who?’ We have some theories:


Who doesn’t love it when someone interrupts Elias? That’s his shtick lately isn’t it? Yes, he’s got somewhat of a beef going with Roman Reigns since joining SmackDown Live but, for the most part, Elias is used as a way to bring people in, get them some quick and cheap buzz and move on. He’s the perfect character for a short-term idea to be played out.

Goldberg interrupting, spearing and Jackhammering Elias makes a lot of sense to us. In fact, based on WWE’s recent booking style, if it were up to us, that’s what we’d do.

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Until WWE find something better to do with EC3, it’s likely he’ll continue to be a whipping boy for guys like Braun Strowman or other more popular stars WWE is trying to push. We don’t like it, EC3 deserves better but it is what it is.

EC3 could come out, talk about how great he is, that he’s part of the 1% and then get speared out of his boots. In much the same way Triple H got heat from his loss to the Ultimate Warrior, it might actually be a good starting point for a push for EC3 if done properly by WWE.

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Jinder Mahal

Would WWE put Goldberg in the same ring with Mahal thinking that squashing him would make him a fan favorite? It’s a risk because of how popular Mahal might be in that region but it’s something we can’t put past WWE.

They’ve been known to pull this kind of thing before and see it backfire.

Someone Who’s On the Outs with WWE

Take your pick of people who aren’t on the best terms with WWE these days. Maybe it’s Luke Harper who wasn’t granted his release and 6 months was added to his deal, or The Revival who are busy complaining and getting back-shaving storylines because of their vocal disappointment.

It’s nothing but a cheque for Goldberg, but for WWE, this could be a way to send a message. ‘Quit bit–ing or this kind of storyline is all you’ll get from us until you leave.’

Do we really believe WWE isn’t that petty?

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Brock Lesnar

With all the buzz that Lesnar has left UFC and that he might be leaving WWE, plus the history between Goldberg and Lesnar, it is possible WWE tries to pick up this battle right where it left off?

The last time Goldberg was in WWE, he lost to Lesnar. Before that Goldberg squashed Lesnar repeatedly. Perhaps the former WCW Champion and Universal Title Holder wants another chance to rewrite his exit from WWE?

Who do you think WWE will choose to be Goldberg’s next victim? Would they actually put him in a wrestling match? We don’t think so, but who knows?

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