Goldberg Wins Universal Title: Are You Shocked or Mad?

Goldberg delivered four Spears and an odd-looking Jackhammer to Bray Wyatt at Super ShowDown to defeat him and put an end to The Fiend’s undefeated streak. It also brought an early end to his Championship run.

While Wyatt may come back and challenge Goldberg in a rematch, speculation is that WWE is already moving on and going Goldberg vs Roman Reigns in a Spear vs Spear match and possibly John Cena vs The Fiend.

On paper, those matches make sense. It’s just how they got there that seems to be pissing people off.

Wyatt is widely regarded as a talented star with unlimited potential. Yet, every time it looks like he’s about to become WWE’s next big thing, the company seemingly pulls the rug out from under him. And, that WWE was so open to potentially destroying everything they’ve built to this point — he’s defeated Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and Daniel Bryan, only to have a part-time wrestler (who is admittedly an attraction) slay The Fiend, it’s risky.

There’s no telling how fans will react on Friday as Goldberg comes to SmackDown with the Universal Championship. There’s no telling how people backstage will react. Rumors suggest there are a lot of unhappy people in the locker room and on the writing staff.

If WWE was looking to surprise people. They succeed. Let’s just see if that surprise pays off.

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