Goldberg Has Unique Deal With WWE

There are certain Superstars who work under different rules than many others. Two good examples are Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar.

Another performer who has a unique arrangement with WWE is Goldberg who will be wrestling for WWE this Friday at Super ShowDown.

Much like Heyman and Lesnar, Goldberg has some creative license other performers don’t have. And, according to the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Goldberg used that license this past Tuesday when he cut a promo on The Undertaker on SmackDown Live.

That promo was not scripted by WWE, and he was using his own words. This was something he worked into his contract.

Why Would He Work This In?

There are a few reasons to speculate why this type of creative provision exists. First, Goldberg isn’t exactly the most comfortable mic worker in WWE. When you have someone like that on your payroll, handcuffing them with too many lines to memorize and deliver might not be the best approach.

Second, the rules don’t often apply to Goldberg, because, well, he’s Goldberg.

If you’ve ever watched some of the WWE Network specials that feature him, you know he beats to his own drum. I’m thinking of one particular scene where he’s speaking with Nia Jax who told him the worst part of WrestleMania is the waiting. She says the company had all the performers come in early. Goldberg responds that he was supposed to come in too but showed up at 3pm.

No one person is bigger than WWE, but when you have someone like Goldberg on your roster, sometimes its easier simply not to ruffle feathers. If he’s more comfortable doing his own thing and WWE is confident he can get across the message, why worry about it?

Finally, when you consider this is the kind of match that doesn’t need a lot of sell, you realize that at the end of the day, just putting the two men in the ring together is all WWE is worried about.

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