Goldberg Has Big Backstage Heat In WWE [Rumor]

If reports from Wrestlezone are accurate, fans may have seen the last of Goldberg for some time after WrestleMania. It appears that Goldberg’s involvement in backstage politics and his accompanying unwillingness to extend his deal to make storylines work has drawn the ire of Vince McMahon and the booking team. 

Allegedly, the former Universal Champion may have backstage heat because he talked writers and Vince into letting him win

Goldberg was not a fan-favorite heading into WrestleMania 36. And, that appears to be of his own doing. Had he gone with the original plan, which was to lose to The Fiend, all would have ended well. Instead, he apparently lobbied to get the win at Super ShowDown and the main reason was that he feared a loss would “damage his image.”

Goldberg is rumored to have worked some creative control into his latest deal and used it to tell the story of his being a “superhero” who could defeat the big bad monster in The Fiend. Goldberg assumed his fans would love that he “saved the day”. What he didn’t count on was that fans would turn on him.

After Goldberg pulled politics for a new finish, the story continues that Bray agreed to lose, making the ultimate sacrifice because his character was undefeated at the time. That earned him a ton of brownie points backstage. He dropped the title and immediately GoldbergWWE realized they’d made a mistake. They figured there was a silver lining in that Roman Reigns would immediately be cheered, but, as everyone now knows, Reigns pulled out of WrestleMania due to health concerns.

In the end, after Goldberg refused to extend his contract to give Reigns the eventual victory, WWE was forced to put the strap on Braun Strowman, essentially meaning The Fiend lost for no good reason.

Goldberg Sealed His Own Fate

Now, this is all only speculation, but if true, Goldberg’s lobbying for a different finish and almost destroying his own image, plus the image of The Fiend has basically meant he’s signed his own pink slip out of WWE.

There’s no good reason to bring him back now and especially not at the rates he charges with a downward turn in the economy thanks to COVID-19.

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