Finn Balor Taking A Break From WWE?

There might be a good reason Finn Balor has been losing lately. He recently lost a non-title match to Shinsuke Nakamura and then, in a last-minute match added to Extreme Rules, Nakamura defeated him again to win the Intercontinental Championship.

The next night on Raw, Balor lost to Samoa Joe, leading to a segment that saw him left laying when the returning Bray Wyatt destroyed him with a Sister Abigail in the middle of the ring.

There’s also speculation WWE will be pitting Balor’s “Demon” vs Wyatt’s “Fiend” at SummerSlam, handing The Demon his first loss on the main roster.

The reason behind all these losses and moments of humiliation? Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that Finn Balor recently asked WWE for two months off to “recharge” which was granted.

Is Balor Leaving WWE?

It doesn’t appear Finn Balor is unhappy or departing from WWE. He’s simply taking a step back and looking for a little time off. Why is unclear but it could be as simple as being burnt out due to the hectic schedule.

The question will be, does it have a longer-lasting effect on his character and ability to push a now-defeated Demon character? If the rumors are true, that appears to be the price he’s going to have to pay to get his time off.

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