Finn Balor Return A Sign Of More To Come

Adam Cole had a rough night. NXT on USA ended as Tommaso Ciampa confronted the NXT Champion. But, that was after Finn Balor made a return to NXT and told Cole, and the fans, he was back in NXT moving forward.

Balor had a smile on his face a mile wide. You could sense his enthusiasm as he shared with the NXT Universe he was back and he was back to stay.

Balor is Back Home

Balor has never been shy about telling anyone who will listen that he would have been happy to stay on the black and gold brand. He may not have had a choice but he was called up, and likely not quite ready to leave a brand he had a huge hand in making as popular as it is today. No longer a development promotion, he may be the first of many stars choosing to forgo Raw and SmackDown for a higher role on Wednesdays.

He’ll immediately be inserted into the main event scene but it will be fun to see where bookers slot him. Is there a Triple Threat Match in the works that will feature Ciampa and Balor vs Cole?

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Who Is Next?

There were earlier rumors Kevin Owens might come back to NXT. Instead, it was Balor who had a huge return. But, he can’t be the only one.

Now that NXT is on USA and now that WWE is trying to go head-to-head with AEW, expect the brand to load up on talent. One has to imagine Triple H and co. didn’t take too kindly to being told they were nothing more than a developmental brand. The trick will be how to combine the stars people know with the stars NXT wants fans to get to know.

With the draft starting on Friday, expect more moves. Expect a lot more moves.

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