Fan Rushes Ring During Hart Foundation WWE Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech

During what was a very touching speech by Bret Hart, a fan rushed the ring during the WWE Hall of Fame speech. WWE cameras cut away the second the man made his way into the ring, so cameras didn’t catch the man taking Bret down, or the many WWE stars who ran into the ring to aid Bret and Natalya, but a few seconds later cameras came back on to see that the fan had been removed by security.

Bret and Natalya finished their speeches after Drake Maverick grabbed the mic and said to “forget that man” and urged the ceremonies to continue. Edge, Tyson Kid, Renee Young, Ronda Rousey and her husband Travis Brown were also in the ring. Most annoyed seemed to be Heath Slater who was really annoyed with the fan and was pacing the ring set-up to act as a stage for acceptance speeches.

Below are a couple of looks at the attack:

Bret took a second to gather himself and even though he looked roughed up, his hair have out of its braid, he continued and finished his speech, even poking fun at being in the ring felt like what he had literally just gone through. Ironically, all of this happened just prior to Bret getting to the heel portion of his speech and riling up audiences around the globe.

There is no doubt the fan will be prosecuted by WWE to the fullest extent of the law and it’s probably lucky for him. Had any of the many wrestlers and personalities in the ring or in attendance gotten a hold of him, he’d surely be in much worse shape than any trip to jail would leave him.

Congratulations to Bret, not only on getting into the Hall of Fame, but by continuing on when he could have stopped.

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