Expect Bray Wyatt To Return “Any Day Now”

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, host of Firefly FunHouse and leader behind the secret puppet appearances on Raw and SmackDown Live, Bray Wyatt is scheduled to make his in-ring return “any day now”.

The reason Meltzer is likely reporting an in-action return right away is that Firefly Fun House segments have stopped airing on Raw or SmackDown recent weeks and the Firefly Fun House characters have been making fewer and fewer appearances.

On Raw last night, Huskus the Pig appeared in a backstage walk by United States Champion Ricochet, but he was the lone character to appear and many fans barely noticed him. The pop-ups are getting more subtle.

Meltzer also reports that Wyatt has been backstage for recent WWE TV tapings.

Why Hasn’t He Re-Debuted Yet?

Our best guess is that WWE is just waiting for the right moment to bring him back and might still be trying to decide who he’ll have a program with upon his return.

Will he be a conflicted babyface? Or, will he return as a straight-out heel?

We’d prefer to see him conflicted as a bad guy trying to be a good guy, but there’s been leads or hints by WWE as to which direction they are leaning. We just think it would be cool if, over time, Wyatt leans more towards the darker side, eventually becoming the heel character. we’re all hoping he becomes.

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