Enzo Continues to Give Wrestling Fans a Reason Not to Like Him

Former WWE Superstar and “all-around great guy” Enzo Amore is at it again. This time, he’s taking shots at AEW star Joey Janela whom he had a run-in with outside a Blink 182 concert on Tuesday night.

Before we get into our take, we’ll admit, we don’t know the full details of the conversation between the two sides that led to their near fisticuffs. We did, however, reach out to both wrestlers for comment. Neither have responded at this time.

** Warning: The tweets have language not suitable for everyone.

The Enzo Video

Video has surfaced (or should we say, was posted) of Enzo talking sh-t to Janela outside a concert on Tuesday. From the video that is online, there weren’t any actual punches thrown, but it shows a Janela who looks legitimately puzzled to be in what might be an altercation and Enzo trying to stir things up.

Janela said he saw Enzo and went to introduce himself while Enzo claims he had no idea who Janela was. Claiming he thought Janela was a fan, once he realized who he was, Enzo claims to have slapped down Janela’s hands and backed off a wrestler trying to “step up” on him. You can hear in the video Enzo claiming he would beat his drunk a$$. In his Twitter posts to follow, he says Janela backed down like a pus-y.

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Who to Side With Here?

The incident is making the rounds on social media and fans haven’t been shy about weighing in. Enzo says he didn’t feel it was the right time or place for a fight and that he was smart to not get into it, but he clearly seems to be the aggressor. He then went on social media and sent multiple tweets to Janela calling him names and saying that all the “fake wrestling” in the world wouldn’t help him, much like it didn’t help CM Punk when he stepped into the Octagon.

Enzo claims that Janela was trying to get attention while the former WWE performer was simply trying to enjoy his evening and when confronted, Janela didn’t want any part of him.

Since the incident, Janela has lightly mocked the entire thing, as well as retweeting comments from fans and poking fun at Enzo for his clothing choices and behavior. The most recent tweet came from Janela when he responded to a Ringside News report saying Janela was blaming White Claws alcohol for his being under the influence and not thinking clearly. Janela simply said, “oh cmon” suggesting the report was silly.

Before that he posted, “I will have no chance to wrestle or “fight” Enzo with my exclusivity starting in October but I saw it to introduce myself! That’s all!”

In The End, Enzo Loses the Popularity Vote

For all we know, Enzo was called out by Janela. The video doesn’t show that but it’s hard to know and both sides probably will tell a different story. But, Janela is a current AEW star who just wrestled a popular match with Jon Moxley at Fyter Fest and Enzo is often in the news for trying to get attention for all the wrong reasons. He’s done this sort of thing before.

This probably is another instance where fans will look at Enzo, consider his history and side with Janela. As such, Enzo is simply giving fans a reason not to like him all that much.

Like we said, he seems like an “all-around great guy” so who can blame them?

** Should either wrestler respond to our requests for comment, we’ll update this story.

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