Edge Reveals Interesting Way He And WWE Kept His Return Secret

A great return in wrestling is one very few people know about. Unfortunately, you can count on one hand how many times that’s happened over the past few years. So, when Edge knew he was making a comeback to WWE, it was imperative he keep it a secret.

The only way he figured he could do so was by not being anywhere near WWE while traing. That meant not going to the WWE Performance Center or visiting backstage at shows. It meant having WWE send him a ring so he could take bumps and train at home.

Edge and WWE hatched a plan. He revealed during an interview with ESPN that WWE sent a professional wrestling ring to him. He explained, “I got a warehouse space, and I set up a ring and basically had my own personal ‘Field of Dreams,'”

The only people who knew what he was up to was his wife, Beth Phoenix and the tag team The Revival (who lived nearby) as both helped get him prepped for his match. “Thankfully, I’m married to another Hall of Famer who can pick up and body slam me, which you can’t say for a lot of wives.”

The plan worked. While there were hints that maybe Edge might be returning and he shot those down on Twitter, when his music hit at the Royal Rumble and he entered as the 21st competitor, you could sense the legit surprise from the live crowd.

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