Edge Returns to WWE at SummerSlam Kickoff Show

During a performance by Elias, one that specifically saw The Drifter run down Toronto, one Torontonian had heard about enough. As Elias was running down the city saying they’d never won a Stanley Cup or making fun of the fact Kawhi Leonard left for L.A., Edge came down to the ring and didn’t talk, but had a lot to say.

Interrupting Elias’ song “You Know How I Know I’m in Toronto”, Edge speared Elias and put an end to the song.

The fans went nuts for the Canadian former WWE Superstar and that he got physically involved in a segment was a nice treat. Edge hasn’t been active in a WWE ring since he announced his retirement from active in-ring competition.

More Appearances at SummerSlam?

It is expected that Edge’s appearance might not be the only big appearance at SummerSlam on Sunday. With plenty of active Canadians at the show (Bret Hart, Christian, Trish Stratus and others), there may be more surprise cameos at WWE’s biggest show of the summer.

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