Edge Details What He Told Vince After AEW Made Their Contract Offer

During WWE’s new documentary on Edge, WWE 24: Edge – The Second Mountain, Edge discussed his road back to the ring in WWE and revealed that it included an offer from “another company”. That offer, as we know, was AEW but it hadn’t been confirmed by AEW, Edge or WWE until this documentary.

When Edge made his return at SummerSlam and speared Elias, AEW took notice, reached out and said they were interested, asking him if he could wrestle. At that point, Edge figured he’d better find out.

Early reports were that Edge played his AEW against WWE to get the best possible deal but that’s not really how it all went down. While he did share that he told WWE about the offer, but it wasn’t to get more money. It was about letting them know his situation, what the doctors had told him and that another company was interested.

“Some discussions were had,” Edge said. He added:

“The one thing that I told them through all of this is: when you give me your offer, I need to go talk to Vince. He’s done right by me my entire career. He gave me my chance, he gave me my shot. Trusted me to be able to pull off a lot of things, be a pillar for his shows. To be counted on as one of his generals, that goes a long way with me.”

Edge then said he reached out to Vince and said he needed to come talk to him and face-to-face. WWE brought him in, Edge revealed the news and Vince said, “Ok. Well, it has to happen here.”

That was the start of Edge coming back and with WWE, not AEW. From there, he made his Royal Rumble appearance and will be taking on Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing Match on night two of WrestleMania.

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