Edge Calls Out Fans Who Said His Last Man Standing Match Was Too Long

On the latest episode of After The BellCorey Graves spoke with Edge about his return to WWE, more specifically, his match at WrestleMania. Graves asked Edge if he had any hesitations or concerns about his comeback, plus how he felt about the bumps he took in the match.

Saying he felt really good, Edge stated that he was proud of the matchand stressed the fact that the story needed a match to be a “fight”.

When Graves and Edge talked about the length of the bout and Edge said, “It wasn’t even anything that we realized we were just going, and again, just it just ad-libbing and fighting.” He added, “By the time it was done, someone told me it was like 42 minutes long. I was like, ‘really? Okay. Well damn, cool. My wind is good,’ but I am very very proud of it.”

When asked what he thinks about people critiquing the notion the match was too long, he explained he doesn’t care what those people think. He said:

And you know, I heard there’s feedback that it was too long and it’s this and it’s that. Listen to me, all of the feedback I’ve gotten personally to myself or to my social media feeds has been all positive. then it shifted into some fans thinking it was too long, Edge wasn’t shy about sharing what he felt about their opinions.

He said Bret Hart called him and told him that the match was excellent and that he loved it. He said Bret’s opinion matters more than almost anyone’s.

Edge had a message for the fans who he feels just like to complain:

“I mean everyone’s entitled to their opinion. It’s wrestling. It’s art. it’s subjective and whatever blows your hair back, but Randy and I have broad shoulders, and we can weather the weight of a minuscule militia of malcontents who will just want to complain about everything. [They] complain about the length of a wrestling match during a pandemic. Like really? Come on, but they’re also the same people are going to complain that Bill [Goldberg] and Brock [Lesnar] went for 4 minutes. I just think there’s a segment of people that enjoy not enjoying things and dwell on negatives.”

** Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription

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