Dustin Rhodes Says WWE Stars Are Scared Of Vince McMahon

Dustin Rhodes, who will be stepping inside the ring for AEW this coming weekend at Double or Nothing for AEW made some interesting comments about his former employer, WWE.

Cautious not to say anything bad about his experiences there, when speaking to Wrestling Inc.’s The Winkly, Rhodes said, “It feels good to be away from WWE and now on my own doing what I wanna do,” said Rhodes who will face Cody at Double or Nothing. “I’m looking forward to [Double or Nothing].

During his interview, he was sad to leave knowing there were so many good stars in WWE afraid to take good ideas to “The Man.” That man was not Becky Lynch, but Vince who has final say on all things that make it to tv for WWE.

“He’s just a man,” Rhodes said. “He might be our boss but all he can do is say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ My frustration was that I didn’t get a lot of answers.” Rhodes seemed confident that was still going on in WWE, even though he’s no longer there.

Saying he has other projects he wants to do, he has a hunger for the business and his first love is wrestling. He’s stepping into the ring with that in mind and even if this is it for him, “it’s going to be a damn good show.”

Double Or Nothing Will Be His Showcase

Dustin Rhodes will take on his brother Cody in a one-on-one match this Sunday at Double or Nothing. After that, he might pursue acting or other projects.

He feels like he’s in the best shape he’s been in since he was in high school and fans have to know he’s going to make it worth the investment from fans who are hungry for AEW action.

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