Drake Maverick Captures 24/7 Title, 24/7 Wedding Next?

It took a whole lot of work, but Drake Maverick has finally captured the WWE 24/7 Title. He rolled up R-Truth on tonight’s SmackDown episode and drove away with the title, leaving Truth confused about whether or not Carmella double-crossed him.

R-Truth was searching for Carmella outside the arena so they could leave. Maverick showed up dressed as the Queen of Staten Island and distracted Truth who was able to get an elbow off before trying to climb in the car. Maverick came to, rolled up Truth and drove away, stealing the referees car in the process.

As Maverick drove away, he yelled out that he was driving away to get married leaving Truth on the ground wondering when Carmella decided to get married and why he wasn’t invited.

A 24/7 Wedding?

Drake Maverick will actually be getting married this week and it’s likely he was given the title to be a part of the festivities. Maverick and former Mae Young Classic competitor Renee Michelle, are set to tie the knot in June.

One has to wonder if Truth will show up at the reception. It seems like the absolute perfect environment for action to be taking place surrounding the 24/7 Title.

This is Maverick’s first run with the WWE 24/7 Title but it is likely to be a short one as the plan will be to get the title back around Truth’s waist sooner than later.

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