Double Or Nothing Numbers, Jericho Says WWE Has To Be Angry

The numbers for the Double Or Nothing are coming in and things look good. AEW’s first-ever pay-per-view is currently estimated at drawing around 98,000 buys, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

For a company that just put on a PPV with no tv show to promote it, this number is incredibly good. It beat out their previous All-In show (55,000) and is better than almost any ECW PPV and most, if not all TNA PPV’s to date. The number includes buys from TV and digital pay-per-view, with close to a 50/50 split between the two platforms.

The Observer noted that around 2/3 of the Double Or Nothing buys came from the United States. The UK came in at a strong second, followed by Australia, Germany and Canada.

Basically, this show will be the biggest PPV-buy wrestling show in history that was not produced by WWE or WCW.

Jericho Says WWE Must Be Pissed

While the numbers weren’t out when Chris Jericho made the comments, he did speak with Busted Open Radio and said WWE has to be angry at AEW’s early success. Specifically, he said, “You can’t tell me a show that had Chris Jericho, Dustin Rhodes, Jim Ross, Bret Hart, Dean Malenko calling the matches backstage, didn’t make WWE angry.”

WWE may not see AEW as a direct competitor but at some point, the company has to realize that with only one show under their belt, AEW is no joke and something WWE will have to contend with.

Other Numbers

** Numbers courtesy of Wrestling Inc. and Wrestling Observer

  • AEW was the second most-searched item on Google Trends for Saturday night, topping 220,000 searches, trailing only the NBA’s Toronto Raptors.
  • All In, New Japan Tokyo Dome shows and the ROH/NJPW Madison Square Garden show never cracked the top 20 trends list.
  • WWE NXT as only broke the top 20 once
  • The AEW interest beat the last UFC show by 12% and WWE Money In the Bank by 35%.
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