Dolph Ziggler Returns to WWE For Interesting Reason

In a surprise return that may not be all that surprising when the details come to light, Dolph Ziggler made his return to WWE at Tuesday’s SmackDown Live and attacked Kofi Kingston.

It was a vicious attack that saw Kingston seemingly leaving on a stretcher until he was able to leave the entryway under his own power. After SmackDown returned from commercial break, Dolph Ziggler made his way back out to the arena to tell the WWE Universe why he did what he did.

“I know, if I was out there, I would boo me too,” he started. Stating his anger dated all the way back to when Ali got hurt, he talked about Kofi becoming an overnight success after 11 years.

“It should have been me!,” Ziggler said over and over. Saying he watched at home while Kingston went on to an opportunity at WrestleMania 35. He witnessed what the world did when Kofi won the WWE Championship. All the while, Kingston received the respect and adulation of the fans and Ziggler couldn’t help by think it should have been him.

“That’s why I did what I did.” Ziggler was near tears when he yelled at the WWE Universe that they will respect him and love him when he goes to Super ShowDown and defeats Kingston for the WWE Championship.

Kofi Accepted

Later in the night, caught up with Kofi who accepted Ziggler’s challenge.

After sitting there and listening to Cathy Kelly tell him that Ziggler issued a challenge for his title, Kofi simply nodded his head and quietly said, “Alright.”

Why Ziggler?

News is coming to light that this originally was supposed to be a match between Kofi and Kevin Owens. But, Owens informed WWE that he had no desire to return to Saudi Arabia and WWE found a replacement in Ziggler.

If true, the sad part about this is that Ziggler becomes an obvious speed bump and will likely only be part of the storyline until after Super ShowDown comes and goes. He’ll collect a big fat paycheque (who can blame him) and likely disappear again once the show comes and goes.

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