Does AEW Need CM Punk? Chris Jericho Doesn’t Think So.

Chris Jericho recently said during an interview with Collider Live, AEW is so loaded talent fans want to see, the company isn’t thinking about CM Punk at this point.

Chris Jericho was asked about CM Punk and AEW’s desire to add him to the roster. While he admitted he was not an Executive VP, if he gets asked, he shares his opinion. His opinion would be that AEW doesn’t need Punk. “Do we need him? No. Would it be a huge pop to get him? Yes.

Jericho added that he’s got no idea what Punk is thinking. “I don’t know, man. I don’t know what his attitude or mindset is. I think our roster is jam-packed right now,” Jericho said.

What Are The Chances of Punk in AEW?

There have long been rumors of Punk signing with AEW. But, for the most part, the only thing of any substance even hinting that he might are the recent addition of stars to the All Out poster and that the event is connected to Chicago. Even that isn’t enough to really suggest there’s a connection between Punk and the new upstart wrestling company.

That Jericho added AEW isn’t looking to add talent, especially former WWE stars only lends to the idea that it isn’t likely Punk is coming.

Jericho says AEW doesn’t want to be the WCW of 1998 or TNA in 2011 where they continually brought in former WWE talent. Punk might fall into a different category of a star but he’s still a former WWE talent.

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