Dissecting Lio Rush’s New Social Media Video [4 Things]

With the success of the Moxley video that came out on the night Dean Ambrose’s contract expired, it makes sense that other wrestlers, performers and, in some cases, WWE Superstars would think, ‘maybe I should make a video?’

One of those people is Lio Rush.

On Saturday, he dropped a video under his Man of the Hour profile on Twitter. Not quite the response Moxley’s video got, there are about 9000k views, close to 600 likes and 80 retweets.

Maybe this is good by the standards Rush had set, but to us, it tells us a few things:

** To avoid any confusion… as was evident by one Twitter user who took issue with the one-sided nature of this post, this is an opinion, not a news report.

People Aren’t Invested in Lio Rush

When the news broke that Rush had been taken off of WWE tv and removed from live events, nobody stopped. When he came out and said WWE was holding him back, he was going broke traveling and he blamed a lot of people, just not himself, he got more flack than he got support.

We get the impression a lot of fans aren’t overly concerned with where he winds up. We’d like to see him in a place he can showcase his in-ring talent.

Yes, there are comments of support and fans who know Rush’s true skill in the ring, but one might assume Rush would have hoped this video would go viral and have an impact like Moxley’s video did. He’s made a number of videos in the past. This one just screams the loudest. To us, it doesn’t offer the impact it was intended to.

WWE Is Better Off Without Him

The idea behind putting Rush with Lashley in the first place was to give Lashley a mouthpiece. Talking isn’t Lashley’s stong suit. But, has anyone noticed Lashley is coming out of his shell of late?

Currently in a feud with Braun Strowman, WWE has booked Lashley the right way over the past few weeks and I, as many others do, have preferred this Lashley to the one that was stuck behind a sniveling and whiny Rush.

Rush is still an active member of the WWE roster but if this video is not being produced by WWE, they really should consider just letting him go.

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This Video is Just Arrogant

The entire idea behind this video is that Rush is no longer “going to play by the rules.” Isn’t that what got him in trouble in the first place? Isn’t his belief that the rules didn’t apply to him in WWE why the company pulled him off the road?

Rumors were that Rush was bringing people backstage that shouldn’t be there. That he was complaining about the optics of doing what rookies have to do as part of the “paying dues” and “being accepted” culture of the WWE locker room.

Somehow Rush ran out of money. Personalities like Mark Henry have gone on record saying there’s no way that should have happened unless Rush himself is awful with his finances. This video just reflects the idea that, not only does Rush not get it, he’s doubling down.

Rush Really Believes WWE Is Holding Him Back…

For some reason, Lio Rush really seems to think WWE is trying to hold him back. Conveniently, he’s forgetting how often he opens his mouth and puts his foot in it.

This video is more of the same.

From commenting on the release of other Superstars when he shouldn’t be doing anything but offering support, to complaining about the culture in WWE and doing nothing to fix it, to turning down a lucrative deal offered to him and demanding double, it’s a pity party for Rush.

It would be great if this video is a sign of him taking the bull by the horns and trying to get noticed by WWE so that they’ll give him one more shot to get back on track, but something suggests this is not that.

This feels more like a slap in the face. Maybe WWE deserves it. Maybe they don’t. But, Rush could stand to look in the mirror and admit he’s responsible for a lot of his own troubles these days.

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