Dillinger Details 6-Month Release Process From WWE

It’s no secret there are some unhappy campers in WWE. From names like Sasha Banks, Luke Harper, Tyler Breeze, Rusev and Lana, Lio Rush and others who either hinted at or asked for their releases. All have been denied.

There are also names who have been successful. From Dustin Rhodes to Hideo Itami and Tye Dillinger, some names are now free to move on and pursue other interests.

Of those names, Dillinger, now known as Shawn Spears, spoke with Edge and Christina on the E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness. He explained the near-6-month process of finally being allowed to leave WWE.

Spears said:

The decision had been in my mind…it was a six-month process. I got injured in October but before that, I was going to ask for a couple weeks off to clear my head and figure out what I wanted to do. But then I got injured, so that gave me three months to think. I changed my look, I changed my gear, and I pitched half a dozen ideas.”

Spears said he spoke with Vince McMahon and feels like maybe he hurt his chances for a push, but said what he felt needed to be said about how WWE was using him. He’d hoped things would be different upon his return but it was much more of the same, was told to wait it out and as WWE continued to not use him and essentially ignore him, he became frustrated and lacked the energy and motivation to do an adequate job.

He explained, “When you’re not giving it your all, they could see it and it wasn’t fair to them. It was time to go. I was probably late in leaving, actually.”

Can This Help Other WWE Superstars?

Speculation is that unhappy WWE Superstars are not asking for their releases any longer out of fear WWE will tack on more time to their existing contracts. But, in the end, Spears was permitted to leave when WWE really had no use for him and they could tell his heart wasn’t in it.

The key is to respectfully approach WWE, not make your grievances public and give it time. Hopefully, WWE will eventually do what’s best for both parties.

Dillinger is proof that if you really want out, there is a way to get there. It might take time but, in the end, why not do the right thing? After all, these stars who are constantly moaning and complaining are being paid.

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