Did You See The Firefly Fun House Stars on Raw?

Did you seem them? Did you see Abby the Witch and Mercy the Buzzard on Raw? They were there, you just had to look hard enough.

Last week, WWE hinted at the idea big changes were coming for Wyatt and his friends and that maybe he’d show up on Raw. Monday showed us the first taste of what WWE has in mind.

During two backstage segments, one with The Miz and the other Kofi Kingston, cast members of the uber-popular Firefly Fun House shows made their appearances as Abby watched The Miz walk down the hallway for his segment with R-Truth and Carmella on MizTV. Meanwhile, Mercy showed up as Kofi was preparing for his in-ring entrance.

Bray Wyatt Is Next

This can only mean WWE is gearing up towards a Bray Wyatt appearance. If his friends are popping up on Raw, how long before The Fiend and Wyatt himself do?

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