Did Undertaker’s Comments on Boneyard Match Hint at Retirement?

If we’re to read between the lines of the Undertaker’s latest post on his Instagram page, did he just hint at retirement, more specifically that his match with AJ Styles at WrestleMania was his last ride?

There was a lot of positive buzz about The Undertaker’s latest match and while that might be enough to give him that validation he’s rumored to be wanting and continue on entertaining the WWE Universe, it may also be enough to say, ‘I did what I set out to do and now I’m free to go.’

For those that saw the preview and first look at “The Last Ride”, which is the Undertaker’s new docuseries coming out on WWE Network, they may have noticed he’s worried that he’ll be looked upon as a shell of his former self. He said, his biggest fear was that parents who watched him as a kid would now tell their kids that they watched him when he used to be able to hang in the ring. As such, the docuseries is teasing that The Undertaker is finally gearing up to call it quits.

The Undertaker commented on his match via at WrestleMania via his social media platform on Instagram. “It was a hell of a ride,” he wrote. He then posted a photo of him sitting on the site of the tractor he used to bury AJ Styles to end the match.

What Did He Mean?

That has led to all sorts of speculation that this was his last match, even if he’s not meaning that with his messaging. He could be talking about the match itself or his take on WrestleMania. He could be referring to the process of making the unique bout. But, he could also be talking about his career. He didn’t clarify.

If this is it for The Undertaker, he;s right in that it was one “hell of a ride.”

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