Dean Ambrose Posts New Promo Video As Jon Moxley

Dean Ambrose is officially done with WWE, but it didn’t take long for him to find a way to make a statement outside the company.

Posting a video on his own Twitter account as Jon Moxley, a new video popped up on a Tuesday evening after SmackDown Live. In the video, Moxley is seen standing inside a ring, escaping a cell and prison yard and climbing over barbed wire (likely representing his old wrestling style). The symbolism to his old WWE stint seems fairly obvious.

Frankly, this is incredible. It says so much about what might be next for Mox.

As seems evident from the video, he’s not done with wrestling despite leaving WWE. Fans will watch this video over and over (I watched it three times in the first 20 minutes since it was posted), and like many fans who see it, I almost immediately made my own connections to the clip and what he might be saying finally being free of his WWE chains.

What will come next is a ton of speculation Moxley is going join a wrestling promotion. It could be AEW, Impact or maybe he’s just putting this video out there so people will know he’s taking bookings. The fact that he’s still got the creative juices flowing and he’s going to wrestle will leave fans extremely pleased.

Within an hour of going live, the video was shared over 2000 times. Clearly, there is interest in what his next moves will be.

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