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Curt Hawkins’ Wife Writes Emotional Blog Post After His WWE Release

Curt Hawkins was among the many WWE Superstars released this week. And, after the news of his firing has had a chance to settle in with his family, his wife took to writing a blog post about it.

The post is an emotional look at what it’s like to be in a family where perhaps wrestlers aren’t making as much money as some fans think they might be.

She writes on his getting released:

On Wednesday April 15th, Brian was released from his WWE contract. There was notice that morning that layoffs would begin and our anxiety kicked into full gear. Not just for ourselves, but friends and loved ones that this could potentially happen to. Brian just needed to know if it was happening to him or not and I was praying the phone didn’t ring. Well, the phone rang and I broke down. You can’t really break down for long when your almost 3 year old is running around chasing bubbles, but I cried. There is so much uncertainty in the world, it’s terrifying. One week prior, they had wanted him to fly to Orlando to film for RAW and the next week they are getting rid of people. I went from being scared of my husband coming home from work with the Coronavirus to days later him getting fired.

On how Hawkins handled the news of his release:

One thing I can say, I’m so proud of how he held it together. The first time this happen it was almost a matter of when, this time it was just out of nowhere given the current state of the world. Since he can’t wrestle anywhere right now, he did exactly what he needed to do to help himself cleanse of the past 4 years which was basically get rid of everything he was holding onto. He also guided other wrestlers that have never been through this before of what they needed to do to set themselves up for success. Basically anything would make me cry the past few days, from him making me proud to me being sad, to even watching him still be in full Dad mode on a day that could have been a very dark one. He handles everything with grace which just reassures me that we will be OK. I feel so lucky to be his wife.

On feeling helpless:

Why do I feel helpless? For starters, I am 30 weeks pregnant. It’s not the most satisfying feeling when your husband loses his job and you don’t have one for you both to fall back on. I always said the past year, if I needed to get back into work I could and would get back into my field (thinking like 4-5 years if his contract didn’t renew), not expecting him to lose his job when I’m 2 months away from having our child let alone during a pandemic. Though I don’t regret my time at home, I do feel guilt and anxiety about the decision I made last year with a new baby on the way but this is something I just have to deal with right now.

On responses from the fans and friends:

Writing this part could make me cry again. But I feel very loved throughout this whole situation. We have received so many well wishes from fans that were so sad to see this happen to our family, but also so many encouraging messages of how much people love Brian and our family and how talented he is and that they know he will land on his feet. I’ve felt the same love from so many of my family members as well as close friends. Most importantly, my fellow wrestler wives who are going through this as well. It makes it easier to have people who can relate to you on a personal level for a minute during a shitty time. It feels like we’re all in the same boat together, all rooting for one another and it almost feels like therapy talking to each other.

** Thanks to WrestleTalk for the transcription

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