Could There Be Border Issues Getting Brock Lesnar to WrestleMania 36?

According to a couple of sources, Brock Lesnar could potentially miss out on WrestleMania 36, if the announcements from both U.S President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stop WWE performers like Lesnar from crossing the Canadian border.

Essentially, the border is closed to non-essential traffic. Meaning, unless you are getting home to your family or you work in an industry that impacts trade, you’re not coming over. This is all being done to try and contain the spread of COVID-19.

For WWE, the question about what is “essential” will obviously come up.

Speculation is that if Brock can’t get in, WWE will have to come to Brock. They may shoot whatever they intend to do this week or next for WrestleMania, and if that’s not possible, WWE might have to make other plans.

The good news is that, per The Wrestling Observer Newsletter‘s Dave Meltzer, the stipulation isn’t going to be a problem for The Beast Incarnate. We’re not sure what source he has suggesting Lesnar would know whether or not he can get across the border, but WWE has not announced any changes at this stage.

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