Could AJ Styles Join AEW?

“Never say never.” That’s what AJ Styles said when asked if he would ever sign a contract with AEW.

He added that what’s more likely, is that he stays with WWE when his in-ring career is over and becomes a scout or a producer, but he’s not ruling out the idea that, someday, he could jump ship.

Styles is currently one of the most successful WWE Superstars, the current Intercontinental Champion. He’s been a world champion in WWE, but before that, wrestled all over the world for multiple promotions. There’s no doubt AEW would love to have him, and likely roll out the red carpet or back up the Brinks truck to do so. But, that’s assuming WWE ever lets him go, which they are unlikely to do.

What makes him so popular is his athleticism and in-ring work. While athleticism can’t be caught, the in-ring work can and for WWE, it would be a useful asset.

During a recent stream on Twitch, Styles was asked about potentially jumping over to TNT and he uttered the “never say never” line, but also said, “I think once my career is done, I’m hopefully just going to work for WWE in some capacity.”

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