Cornette Rips Braun Strowman For Recent Indie Wrestling Remarks

Braun Strowman stirred up some controversy when he responded to a tweet from Evil Uno of Dark Order asking fans to help indie wrestlers who are really struggling to make ends meet with show cancellations during the COVID-19 crisis. Unlike a lot of WWE and AEW stars, indie wrestlers have next-to-no money coming in while events and show are all being cancelled and postponed.

Essentially, Strowman accused indie wrestlers of having a sob story and told them that instead of opening GoFundMe accounts or Patreon accounts to get fans (many of whom are also struggline financially) to fund them while they don’t work. He told those same independent wrestlers to change their dreams like he did before he came to WWE so that they could make ends meet.

When Strowman took heat for the comments (which he deleted from this Twitter profile) he remained firm on his stance suggesting he wasn’t saying wrestlers shouldn’t dream, but they also need to be responsible and make choices that would allow them to make money.

Again, the took heat because this pandemic is out of the hands of a lot of people, wrestlers and other workers alike.

Jim Cornette, who is never shy on sharing his opinion, chimed in on a recent episode of Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru. He called Strowman a bum, claiming he couldn’t survive in the “actual wrestling business.”

Cornette explained, “When you are as big and strong as Strowman, WWE notices you and basically pays you to go to school. He was paid to train, has a guaranteed contract, and gets paid whether he wrestles or not.” It’s for these reasons Strowman probably shouldn’t be commenting on the finances of indie wrestlers, because he never had to go through what they’re going through. Unlike most wrestlers who try and break into the business, “He got paid to train and learn and got a guaranteed contract.”

You can hear the comments in the video below (warning, it contains graphic language not suitable for everyone):

He closes with, “I don’t understand why Strowman acts like it was their choice that their bookings got cancelled… For a guy with guaranteed money to be down on them, f–k you, you big fat f–k! He’s a fat head.”

Hey Cornette, why don’t you tell us what you really think.

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