Corey Graves Calls Out WWE On Storyline Goof Up

Stephanie McMahon recently took to social media in a video on behalf of the WWE Executive Committee to say they’d be at Raw to punish Brock Lesnar for his decision not to pick an opponent this past Monday on Raw. Prior to Raw starting, Lesnar said he’d decide who he’d cash the Money in the Bank briefcase in on but chose instead to wait, learning he had a full year to decide.

Lesnar danced around with his new Brock Party gimmick then left, not naming an opponent.

It’s not clear why WWE is upset with Lesnar other than that Stephanie mentioned he’d destroyed the Money in the Bank briefcase to make a boombox and didn’t seem to be taking the privilege that comes with holding the briefcase very seriously.

Corey Graves Questions WWE

Confused by the video, WWE announcer and new host of the dumbest segment in recent Raw memory, Graves took to Twitter and asked what the point of punishing Lesnar was?

Saying, “So, he’s is cashing in because the boss was mad at him for not cashing in when he said he was, even though the point of the contract is to cash in at the holder’s discretion?”

Knowing he’s got another “Electric Chair” segment coming on this week’s Raw, he asked, “Where’s my new chair?”

WWE hasn’t announced who will be the next guest in the electric chair so for all we know, it will be Stephanie McMahon. If so, and the crowd is actually allowed to ask legit questions (they won’t be) that would be one of the more intriguing Q&A’s in a long time.

Graves does have a point though. Since Lesnar isn’t doing anything beyond the rules, WWE is basically punishing him for changing the briefcase. Of course, this is likely just another way to get him on tv to buck authority since WWE seems to think his new gimmick will be what saves the crappy ratings.

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