Corey Graves Announces Retirement on Twitter

We don’t believe, for one second, that Corey Graves is being truthful, but Thursday, he told all of his followers on Twitter that he was retiring.

With all of the rumors floating around regarding announce changes in WWE, Graves decided to get in on the fun and announced a change to the announce team of his own. He posted, “Just to clear up all of the rumors I see swirling around about the commentary changes in @WWE – I’m retiring.”

There has been tons of buzz surrounding the fate of the announce crew Raw, SmackDown Live, 205 Live and NXT. Names like Michael Cole, Renee Young, Vic Joseph, and others will be switching shows or changing brands as WWE settles each show into its new network. But, would Graves really retire?

Not long after posting, the popular wrestling rumors reporter @WrestleVotes said, “Relaxing everyone, Corey Graves is not retiring. However, the plan as of this Tuesday was that he is moving to SmackDown on FOX along with Michael Cole. And he will only appear on SD. No more double duty for Graves.”

For Graves fans, this is good news. Graves is not retiring, he’s merely moving shows. It’s amazing how many people were fooled by his announcement.

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