Corbin Looks Like He Could Be The Next King of WWE

Guest Post by “The Raging Reverend” Donny Starr

I’m not a fan of Baron Corbin. But, after he beat The Miz on Monday Night Raw this week, he might be the next King of the Ring. I’ll wait for you to stop groaning.

After some out of the ring action, The Miz rolled him back into the ring and springboarded off the top rope. Corbin telegraphed it. This left The Miz attempting a counter-clothesline off the adjacent ropes. That only resulted in getting caught in Corbin’s Finisher “End Of Days”.

That series sealed the win for Corbin and solidified an impressive match. It was a win fans shouldn’t take lightly.

Outside of a big win, one thing that stuck out to me about the match was the lack of the traditional Corbin vest. This isn’t a small thing either as the vest has arguably more of a following than Corbin. In fact, he addressed the lack of a vest in a recent Newsweek article. He said:

“I came out with the vest and shirt, but it was time to take it off and take it to another level. When I was the active GM and the Constable you really tailor yourself and appeal to the McMahons because they are the ones that write the checks, but now I’m kicking it back and being a little bit of a wild Corbin with a little more aggression. What I needed was to rip off the shirt and let loose. I think I need to be at that level to win the King of the Ring so you’ll see more of that.”

Could this be a nod to his “Lone Wolf” days? Who knows. Only time will tell if we get a “King Wolf” or not.

Were Fans Just Introduced to King Corbin?

I was hoping Drew McIntyre would go all the way. He didn’t. That said, Baron Corbin has something McIntrye doesn’t: Natural heat.

I’m not talking about that “Just go away we don’t want to see him again” heat. He has that good Heel heat: You want to see him get beat kind of heat. In fact, he Corbin makes it so you need to see him get beat. That’s a skill in today’s WWE landscape.

WWE has noticed and he’s getting opportunities as a result. Corbin’s best heat-filled feud was against Kurt Angle. Second to that, was his run with Lacey Evans against Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. Perhaps the best is yet to come.

Baron Corbin is good at being bad and making you watch. He’s doing his job.

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