Cody Rhodes On If Brodie Lee Character Is Vince McMahon Parody

AEW star and executive Cody Rhodes appeared on Busted Open Radio, and tried to answer the questions about Brodie Lee’s new character as directly as he could. When asked if the character was a parody of Vince McMahon, he shared his thoughts on the gimmick and his old boss.

Hinting that he wouldn’t create a character just to mock a person he has a ton of respect for, Cody said:

“If you do hear me say it [Vince’s name] in interviews? In general I always speak very, very highly of him. Because A) he’s Vince McMahon and B) I was a WWE guy to start. I didn’t come from anywhere else, I came up through their feeder system. They were the house that built me.”

When talking about Brodie Lee’s character specifically, Rhodes admitted, there are some similarities. Still, he wouldn’t admit the character is a parody. He explained:

“When it comes to the parallels between Brodie’s style of leadership? There are a lot of unique parallels but I don’t think it’s particularly a spoof on Vince McMahon. We’ll see how develops in the next few weeks, I think Brodie just has a very…’power’ boss, very animal kingdom, kind of social Darwinism type approach to the Dark Order. And I think that falls in line with perhaps some of Vince’s quirks. But it is not an outright spoof on the legendary Mr. McMahon…not outright.”

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I Don’t Think Fans Are Buying It, Cody

Cody can say all he wants that the character is not a spoof or parody of Vince but fans are going to form their own opinions based on the vignettes that have been airing on AEW programming. There are some major references to things fans know Vince for and it’s coming from a guy in Brodie Lee who has some very public issues with the way he was treated by WWE on his way out of that company.

Many fans will also take issue with the fact AEW is wasting the potential of such a powerful character by making fun of Vince when they could be using Lee in a much more productive way.

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