Cody Reveals Ton of Details About AEW Shows, Belt, PPV, More

During an interview with Chris van Vliet of wrestler interview YouTube fame, Cody Rhodes of AEW revealed a number of potential news nuggets about the AEW events, tv show and championships.

Saying the company intends to not have a home base for their weekly tv show, AEW will travel and create a live show each week that will air for two hours on TNT. The promotion is going “All-In” on the concept of live events to tv and will bring their A-game with every show.

He also said that the championship will be revealed this Saturday.

The WWE Enemy

When asked if he still had a good relationship with WWE, he said he figured he did but it’s now dawning on him that maybe he doesn’t. van Vlient pointed out that he’s now “the enemy” to which Cody replied, “we were kind of always the enemy.” Calling the Rhodes family the bastards of wrestling, “we never really fit into the corporate structure. I think we were always kind of the enemy.”

Dustin’s Last Match

When asked if his match with his brother Dustin was a retirement match, Cody said, “I would think this is his last match. It’s not been stated, we’re not putting some sort of element like that on it.”

Cody said people wanted this match, even more than he wanted it. And, while there’s no pressure on Dustin to have this be his last match, Cody said Dustin has said he’d like to slow down. “We’ll see.”

Adam “Hangman” Page

Cody thinks Hangman will be at Double or Nothing but what he does there is a mystery now that he’s not got an official match. Cody called him “full gear ready.”

Page will also be at all the Double or Nothing media avails and other events.

Long-Term Writing vs. On-the-Spot Ideas

Cody said they have a number of long-term ideas for the product (as much as 6 months out) but they’re also open to the notion that something that catches fire and if it does, they plan on running with it.

Wins and Losses

Cody said Tony Khan brought on board the idea that wins and losses matter in any competitive sport. AEW wants to lean towards the idea that records will matter, they will influence matches and who “gets paid more” and that AEW will take a deep dive into the concept of keeping stats.

“There won’t be 50/50 booking. When we commit to something, we’re going to move forward with it.”

Balancing Executive Work and Wrestling

Cody says he fully expects he won’t be able to balance everything as time goes by. Right now he is, but he’s amazed at how much he enjoys the “job” part of this new role and when the show goes week to week, he’s not sure what that will mean.

Pyro at AEW

Cody confirmed there would be pyro. He said he hadn’t seen it at rehearsals but he says if you’re gonna do it, you gotta go big.

Double or Nothing Surprises

Cody called this show what he believes will be the best wrestling show in history and there’s no way to deliver that to fans without a few surprises.

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