Cody and Brandi Rhodes: “Not One Scripted Promo in AEW”

After announcing AEW’s new tv deal with WarnerMedia and TNT, Cody and Brandi Rhodes took time to answer media questions at the Upfronts on Wednesday. Among the interesting comments made, Cody said, “You might not see one scripted promo.”

When saying that, Cody was responding to a question about the direction AEW shows might go once they make it to air on TNT in October. Now the new home for the weekly AEW wrestling shows, an interviewer from spoke to the married executives in the company (also one of the many driving forces behind the sudden success of AEW). He asked if the show will be about wrestling, comedy, backstage stories…

Cody responded that he once got great advice from Eric Bischoff in that they need a bit of variety. If they offer a sprinkle of something for everyone, they’ll be in good shape. That said, when it comes to scripted promos, their wrestlers might never have them.

Part of the reason is that AEW will have great coaches and good ideas but moreover, they chose who they chose to be on the roster because they believed in their talent and already know their voices. AEW simply wants to let their voices be heard.

What Does That Mean For the Product?

Obviously, like any tv show that has a time limit and storylines, the wrestlers will have to stick within certain guidelines. That said, it doesn’t sound like AEW believes in writing out, line-for-line, what a wrestler is going to say. This is a practice that seems to be more prevalent in WWE where a team of 37 writers, some of whom are designated to work with a certain talent, are spoon-feeding them material.

Instead, AEW will focus on bell-to-bell action and let the in-ring product do a lot of the talking. The wrestlers will just need to fill in the gaps.

Among the other comments made:

  • The female wrestlers will be working year-round so fans can learn who they are
  • There are more major announcements coming, including new coaches being hired
  • They will keep stats like wins and losses for all wrestlers

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