CM Punk to Co-Host WWE Show on FS1?

I wouldn’t put too much stock into this report but there is a rumor circulating the Internet wrestling community that the agent for CM Punk might have reached out to reps from FS1 about CM Punk co-hosting a WWE show on the Fox network.

Details at this point are still sketchy but an agency representing both CM Punk and WWE have talked about Punk possibly doing work with WWE once again but not having Punk work directly “with” WWE but with Fox on a WWE-themed show.

I know, it sounds nutty to me too.

Apparently, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), which represents WWE and Punk have discussed Punk serving as one of the co-hosts of the upcoming WWE in-studio talk show on FS1, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Speculation is that Punk isn’t keen on doing the show and WWE certainly doesn’t want this to happen.

If a go, the show will air on FS1 on a Tuesdays and speculation is, take the place of some of the additional programming Fox wants that includes WWE. Having lost NXT to the USA Network, they are searching for ideas.

Can’t Imagine Punk and WWE Getting Along Here

If true, this would be incredibly interesting and it’s hard to imagine how this would all work. Sure, Punk might not work for WWE so he could say what he wants, but how would that affect WWE’s relationship with FOX? It’s hard to imagine Punk being impartial and not bashing the product for every little detail he’s not a fan of.

And, why would Fox want someone co-hosting a show that they are trying to promote if the co-host is going to talk crap about the show he’s covering? It sounds like a disaster.

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