CM Punk Sounds Off On WWE’s Decision To Go Ahead With WrestleMania

In speaking with The No-Sports Report about WWE still hosting WrestleMania 36 this weekend, former WWE Champion and current WWE Backstage analyst CM Punk suggested that Vince McMahon is just being stubborn when it comes to not postponing the show.

“Vince [is] being stubborn,” Punk said. “What do I know? I know that WWE brass gets hell bent out of shape when I talk about it but I think there should be some sort of a discourse, there needs to be a conversation about it.” He added:

“Even from just a business standpoint, from a fan standpoint, you got to push the date, you got to reschedule. Have it in June, have it in July. Maybe you can have it in an open arena in the midwest where it’s normally freezing cold. But to just… it’s like they canceled, but they’re still doing it. It’s very strange to me.”

Obviously proving he wasn’t involved in the show or really know what all went into the production, he discussed rumors of wrestlers being sick, how the show was taped, why the company chose to go two nights instead of one, and more. “I think it’s completely strange,” Punk said.

He added:

“I hear all the rumors of who’s sick and you got all these guys, whether the culture has changed there or not, that are going to be job scared so then they’re going to show up and get somebody else sick and that’s how the virus works. Instead of being a leader and taking charge and being like, ‘Hey, you know what let’s reschedule this, let’s refund everybody their money.’

He also mentioned that the performers are likely probably hating this decision, despite what their public comments may say. “I also think as a performer, man that sucks, that’s got to suck. It’s got to totally be the worst thing ever,” Punk noted.

To Punk, Every Decision WWE Made Was The Wrong One

It won’t shock anyone to hear that Punk doesn’t agree with Vince McMahon or the WWE and how they moved forward with the show. In fact, some would argue Punk just disagrees with WWE to be controversial or because of their history together.

With that said, Punk furthered that reputation by tearing WWE a new one. He said:

“I just thought that every decision that was made, shocking that CM Punk thinks every decision they make is the wrong one, I just thought it was so obtuse and way the wrong decision. Like, ‘Don’t just cancel it, reschedule it. Oh you’re still going to do it? Oh okay, well that’s not what I would’ve done. Oh you’re making it two days instead of one? Okay that’s not what I would’ve done but okay.’ And then on top of that they pre-taped stuff. So I’m sure there’s all kinds of spoilers out there so what’s the incentive for even watching it?”

** Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription

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