CM Punk Says He’s Damned If He Does, Damned If He Doesn’t With AEW

CM Punk recently spoke with ESPN where he told the network, he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t when it comes to AEW.

A former WWE Superstar that everyone wants to see show up in an AEW ring, Punk recently spoke with ESPN and said his upcoming Starrcast III convention appearance during AEW’s All Out weekend in Chicago, does not mean he’s AEW bound. “They asked if I wanted to do Starrcast. That’s basically it,” Punk said.

Adding that he’s not a huge fan of doing appearances, or at least traveling for them because he’s so into the idea that every fan gets “an experience”, he’s really only doing Starrcast III because the convention is in his home town. It just so happens to be that AEW will be holding their event on the same weekend. 

Noting it doesn’t seem to matter that he says he’s not connected to the new upstart wrestling promotion, Punk was asked if he has a relationship with AEW. He confirmed he’s talked to folks over there but never about committing to them or signing a wrestling contract. He mentioned merely that he’s sent them good luck texts which somehow turned into them having a “great relationship”. If I text Matt Jackson, ‘Hey, have a great show tonight,’ which I did when they had their big show in Vegas, that somehow turns into Tony Khan telling people he has a great relationship with me. I’ve said in the past I’ve talked to them, but nothing ever came of anything.”

Damned Either Way Says Punk

Punk says that AEW likes to talk about him a lot because he’s a popular guy to talk about but it doesn’t mean he’s coming to AEW. If fans are expecting it, he’s not the one teasing his joining the promotion. 

Instead, his career might go in a number of different directions. He could do commentary in MMA, he may join wrestling at some point or he might not do anything.

The one thing he didn’t like was that Cody text him an offer for AEW and he felt that if he was going to get an offer, the least they could do is present one in person.

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