CM Punk Confirmed For Starrcast III Appearance

In what could be the coolest announcement of the start of the biggest disappointment of the summer, CM Punk has been confirmed for an appearance at Starrcast III.

With that, cue the speculation he’ll be at AEW’s All Out pay-per-view.

Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso broke the news that none other than CM Punk will be at August’s Starrcast III. A report Starrcast then later tweeted and Punk himself confirmed. He’ll be on-site to signing autographs but Starrcast has scheduled a one-on-one interview with the former WWE and UFC competitor, which at the very least will be full of audio and video nuggets the wrestling world will be tuning into.

Punk responded to the tweet a couple of times saying it was going to be nice to please some fans who have been waiting a long time for his return. At the same time, he realizes that his confirmed appearance is going to set the wrestling world on fire.

So Now What?

First, Conrad Thompson hit back at WWE pretty hard with this announcement. It wasn’t long ago Vince McMahon pulled both Kurt Angle and The Undertaker from Starrcast II and when he didn’t provide much of a replacement, you knew Thompson was fuming underneath.

Announcing Punk will be part of a future Starrcast III event is a shot Thompson was probably happy to deliver and with the speculation it will lead to Punk at AEW’s next big event, speculation that Vince is sweating a little probably doesn’t bother anyone on Thompson’s side of the fence.

Does that mean Punk will be at AEw’s All Out?

Probably not, at least not as a wrestler in the ring. He’s continually said he’s not coming back to wrestling but Punk appearing at the show seems possible and AEW has certainly left the door open.

Still, we can look forward to the next month and change being all talk about Punk showing up in AEW, regardless of what he says about the promotion or All Out. 

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