CM Punk Comments On Lesnar’s Personality Backstage

ESPN recently posted an article on Brock Lesnar and his reputation in the world of professional wrestling. Well, maybe his reputation, period. “Brock Lesnar doesn’t like being around people. That’s not a WWE gimmick or a persona he put on in advance of pummeling fellow heavyweights in the UFC. Unless you’re someone who has earned his respect, Lesnar admittedly does not mix well with others,” they wrote.

But, one former WWE Superstar is squashing the rumored reputation of Lesnar being someone that doesn’t care or is hard to work with.

CM Punk talked about the “so-called” reputation of The Beast and called him a big sweetheart. “I don’t want to ruin his image,” Punk said. “I think he’s a f—in’ sweetheart.” He noted Lesnar’s willingness to help Punk make the jump from WWE to MMA and said Lesnar reached out and offered guidance. He said Lesnar texted him writing, ‘Hey, if you need any help.’

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Working With Lesnar In WWE

Punk called himself a standoffish guy, noting that it’s hard to trust people in the world of wrestling. But Lesnar was different and it was a pleasure to work with him. “He’s just a great guy, I think. I think I’m one of the lucky guys who he wanted to work with in pro wrestling. We put together a pretty special match. I don’t think Brock gets the credit for how smart of a wrestler he is.”

Punk told more stories about how he figured Lesnar would be closed off to advice about matches but it was quite the opposite. When he told Lesnar they could just go out and call it in the ring, “He was totally stoked to do that,” Punk said. Punk noted he tossed out a couple of ideas of what he wanted to get in and Lesnar ran with it, tossing back three ideas that spun off that he wanted to do. “It was fun. That match is everything that I loved about pro wrestling. Just two guys coming together and being like, ‘F—, let’s just do whatever we want and have fun.'” he explained.

Punk continued:

“I think Brock has got a big heart, and that’s something a lot of people don’t talk about. They’ll talk about the freak strength and the crazy athletic things he’s done in his career, the accomplishments. But they don’t talk about the fact that he loves his wife, his kids, lives on a farm and just kind of wants to be left alone. All the fame and the money and everything is really just a side effect of being successful at what he wants to do. And he does what he wants, when he wants. That’s the beauty of Brock Lesnar.”

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