Chris Jericho Talks Who Gets Private WWE Dressing Rooms & More

In a recent sit-down with Bubba the Love Sponge on TheBubbaArmy, Chris Jericho went into details about how the backstage environment worked in WWE. He’d talk about who had their own private dressing rooms, Vince McMahon and his work ethic and more.

When asked about having his own dressing room, Jericho would joke and say that he shared it with 20 other guys.

“I do a lot of podcasting when I’m at the WWE shows and I’ll ask them to find me a room. They’ll put the “Chris Jericho” [sign] up on the dressing room that I have basically for two hours to do the podcast. I leave the sign up on the door because it makes me feel like, Brock Lesnar has his own dressing room, Chris Jericho has his own dressing room. It’s a broom closet that you can’t really fit in but perception’s reality.”

One of the big takeaways from the show was the conversation that directly stemmed from that joke as Jericho’s discussed which superstars in WWE had their own private dressing rooms.

“Not many, Goldberg had it when he was there, and Lesnar has it. If Rock comes or something like that, the big guys that come in for one show. But other than that, there are no private, separate changing rooms, everyone changes together.”

When Undertaker not having his own private room was brought up, Jericho would continue by saying

“No he didn’t, but he always changes kind of in the talent relations room and that’s where I change too because there’s 50 guys stuffed into a room. Undertaker doesn’t have to deal with that…and neither do I.”

Jericho would also go into detail about McMahon and his worth ethic. While Jericho may be working to help grow AEW while consistently putting down WWE in the process, he still has a very healthy respect for McMahon and the work he puts in every day.

“The work ethic that you have when you work for Vince McMahon is second to none, and I think that’s where we really stand out. I just did a show in Toronto for a week and we were doing 12-14 hour days, and people are complaining and arguing, and I just had no problem at all. Because that’s just what you do, you do what you do to get the job done, and when you work for Vince McMahon, it starts at the top and goes down from there. And everyone follows his lead, which is the ultimate workaholic.

To watch the full interview, check out the following video on YouTube.

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