Chris Jericho Says AEW Won’t Be Free Pass For Unhappy WWE Stars

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last couple of weeks, you’ve noticed a number of WWE stars being vocal on social media as it pertains to their spots in the company. Names like Sasha Banks and The Revival have been pretty blatant in their unhappiness and many are assuming these particular talents are trying to work their way out of WWE and over to a company like AEW.

While some stars will be welcome, one prominent figure in AEW suggests some of the WWE stars might want to wrap their head around the fact that just because you worked in WWE, doesn’t mean you have a job waiting fo you in AEW.

Jericho recently spoke with Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda and was asked about WWE Superstars possibly signing with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Jericho said there will be some talent AEW would welcome, but others they probably wouldn’t take, even if they became available.

For AEW, it’s not about grabbing castoffs from WWE, but about being selective. “It’s different. We’re not doing it that way where anyone who doesn’t like what they’re doing in WWE is automatically guaranteed a job in AEW, ” Jericho explained.

For fans who expect names like Sasha Banks, Luke Harper, Dean Ambrose and others will show up in AEW if they are granted their releases or move on, that may not be the case. Instead, Jericho said, “We will look at every talent on an individual basis. There’s some guys we’d love to have in WWE, and there’s some guys we probably wouldn’t take.

Can We Believe Jericho?

Jericho isn’t the only AEW executive (acts as one but not technically one on paper) to have said the company won’t rely on WWE stars. Cody Rhodes and others have said AEW wants to give opportunities to new faces and build their own stars.

Jericho added, “… how many people can you book on that show? If you have 60-70 guys, you end up with the same problem as WWE.”

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