Chris Jericho Calls Out Vince Russo for Conspiracy Comments

Chris Jericho has never been a fan of Vince Russo. If you’ve watched previous videos of Jericho speaking about the war between WWE and WCW, he lays a lot of blame for WCW’s demise at the feet of Russo, who was at one time, a writer for both companies.

So, when a fan asked Jericho what he thought of Russo’s comments that AEW and WWE had to be working together, Jericho’s response was not shocking.

What Vince Russo Said

Not long ago, Russo suggested AEW and WWE were partnering up. In fact, he suggested that fans who didn’t think there was an agreement between the two companies were having the wool pulled over their eyes. He wrote, “There’s NO QUESTION that @WWE & @AEWrestling are in bed together–NONE.”

He later added:

Don’t misunderstand me-if @WWE & @AEWrestling are working together-as I believe they are-it’s a GOOD THING if it makes the wrestling product better for the casual fans. I’m just saying-don’t be worked. This has happened once before with ECW/WWE. History tends to repeat itself.

A couple of weeks after the comments came out, a fan asked AEW star Chris Jericho what he thought of Russo’s theory. Jericho wrote, “Click bait. Not even 1% true.”

Who’s Right?

The likelihood that AEW and WWE were cohorts in starting up AEW was, at best, a silly notion. AEW has tons of money and resources, in some cases, a better tv deal and they don’t need WWE.

AEW wants to do things a certain way and having WWE in on that methodology is counterproductive to their plans. Meanwhile, WWE is fighting its own battles trying to improve their ratings and the quality of their product. They need to right the ship before October when AEW airs on TNT.

Jericho probably feels silly even having to justify this kind of theory, but at the same time, probably glad the fan asked. If nothing else, it’s just another opportunity for Jericho to take a shot at Russo.

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