Chris Jericho and MJF Starting AEW Feud?

One of the ways AEW is going to be successful over the next few months and get fans interested in their future PPVs and television show on TNT, will be to promote the right feuds between wrestlers. Currently, the company is going with Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega and Adam Page vs Chris Jericho.

One feud the promotion might be planting the seeds for is Jericho vs rising star MJF.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is AEW’s resident mouthpiece and ready to take the wrestling world by storm if his last few appearances and interviews are any indication of what fans can expect going forward.

MJF has a similar gimmick to one Jericho used to use years ago, and even today, there are similarities. Between the scarf and his belief that everyone owes him a bit of gratitude for being so good at what he does, his attitude often gets him in trouble both inside and out of the ring.

Jericho noticed a recent series of tweets and took offence, potentially setting up a future battle between the two.

After MJF tweeted, “15 minutes. I did it. #Betterthanyou.”, Jericho responded, “Sorry kid. You already stole the scarf gimmick, let’s not go 2 for 2.”

MJF’s tweet was, of course, in reference to the fact AEW sold out of All Out tickets in less than 15 minutes on Friday morning. He’s taking credit for the sell out suggesting fans flooded Ticketmaster to get in to see him. Jericho already seems to have a line on that type of wrestling gimmick as in the past he’s told Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega they all owe him a thank you for helping AEW get off the ground. Just recently, he said that he pulled out of Fyter Fest (AEW’s next PPV) when the company announced they were making it available on Bleacher Report Live for free.

MJF responded to Jericho saying, “Awwww so proud of you for figuring out how to use Twitter dad! How about you focus on your match with Seabiscuit… maybe you can use the winners purse to buy another leather jacket at hot topic.”

This Feud Would Be Amazing

At All Out Chris Jericho will be going against Adam Page, to see who will be the AEW World Champion but whether he wins the title or not, if he moves on to a feud with MJF, AEW fans would be in for a treat. Two of the best talkers in the business, imagining these two going on tv and battling it out in a war of words each week would be amazing.

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