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Charly Caruso Confirms She’s Not Left WWE

There was some confusion for a handful of fans on Monday when WWE correspondent, interviewer and personality Charly Caruso was not on the main broadcast of Raw during the Superstar Shake-up.

That in itself was a little strange. Adding to the speculation, she sent out a message earlier on Monday telling fans she was changing her handle on Instagram and to take note. Immediately, some fans thought that meant something bad when it came to her role with WWE.

While fans could see Charly on exclusive video content airing on WWE’s social media content throughout Raw’s broadcast (thus showing she was still actively working), she felt she might need to answer fans who asked if she was leaving. She responded with, “No, but I’m on WWE and ESPN, so just made more sense to broaden my handle.”

This is good news for fans of Caruso who is one of WWE’s better backstage personalities. Obviously talented, she’s making good on her skill set and finding work beyond WWE and it will be interesting to see if and how her role changes as she’s offered more opportunities, which she undoubtedly will be.

Take Note WWE Fans

Caruso also added that she’ll probably changer her Twitter handle too so fans shouldn’t be surprised or read too much into that when it happens. This is her way of probably warning people not to read too much into a simple change. It doesn’t always mean the worst case scenario is true.

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