Charlotte Wins SmackDown Live Women’s Title! Now What For WrestleMania 35?

In a move that will create a million questions heading into the show of all shows, Charlotte challenged Asuka for the SmackDown Live Women’s title, won and will now move onto WrestleMania 35 adding a second championship title to the match.

With only a few days until the biggest event WWE offers, it seemed odd that Asuka didn’t have a WrestleMania 35 opponent with less than two weeks to the entire roster meeting up in New York. Charlotte’s win now answers that question: Asuka will likely head onto the Women’s Battle Royal and Charlotte, as the new SmackDown Women’s title holder, now adds another layer to the main event.

Near the start of the show, Becky Lynch was part of a backstage interview and said, “Ronnie brings the title, I bring the people, what exactly does Charlotte bring?” The answer figuratively provided by Charlotte is a massive wrinkle to the biggest show WWE offers all year.

Is Flair still going to be in the main event? Will the WWE put her in a different match and leave the main event for Rousey and Lynch? If Charlotte stays put, will all titles be on the line in a Triple Threat Match? If so, which title changes hands based on a pin or submission?

Upon the completion of the match that answer wasn’t immediately revealed. That may change by the end of the show.

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