Chad Gable Offers To Join Daniel Bryan And Drew Gulak, Bryan Asks Fans

No doubt, the duo of Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak are gaining steam. The unlikely teaming of the former 205 Live star and Cruiserweight Champion with the former WWE Champion has people entertained as Gulak shows Bryan the 101’s of the wrestling business. On recent WWE programming, Bryan has been carrying over Gulak’s teachings to the ring and it’s been hilarious.

Even better are the backyard and outdoor videos the two are sharing on social media, breaking down fundamental holds and seeing who applies them better.

The antics have caught the attention of another WWE Superstar in Chad Gable who wants to join their ranks. After watching the video of Gulak and Bryan warming up in the ring prior to their match on SmackDown this past Friday, Gable tweeted, “I could fit a 747 through the gap in those elbows. And where’s the lat control?” He added, “When you guys are truly ready, let me know….”

Update, Daniel Bryan has responded…

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