Cesaro and Nakamura Win Tag Team Championships At Extreme Rules

In Tables Match that was as good as anyone might have expected it would be, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura started the show with a bang, winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships from New Day.

WWE teased that Cesaro and Nakamura had New Day’s number. Typically, that means the challengers are being set up to fail. In this case, the seemingly thrown-together duo came through and won the gold, Cesaro sending Kofi Kingston through two tables to win the gold clean.

Some will see this as Cesaro and Nakamura getting their due respect. Others will likely see this as WWE’s way of moving New Day into the winningest team in WWE history when the win the titles one more time down the road.

A match that was added to the card last minute had some huge implications on the SmackDown brand and the tag team division moving forward.

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