Can You Find Bray Wyatt’s Secret Message?

I now believe, Bray Wyatt is the modern-day genius of professional wrestling promos. Assuming his latest contest is true, there’s no other WWE performer who puts the thought into his gimmicks, characters, and messages.

The latest example of how good he is at what he does is a contest he just started. Wyatt recently took to social media and challenged fans to find messages from his old promos, specific messages from 2015 he said have a secret meaning.

Now 2019, Wyatt said that four years later, people still haven’t realized what he did with these promos. He explained he put one sentence into each of a series of promos that didn’t make sense. Wyatt wrote, “Fun game time!” He then explained what he meant by game time by saying, “Bet you didn’t know that in 2015 I did 8 consecutive (backstage) promos where one sentence didn’t belong in each of them.” He then offered a prize to anyone who could go back and find the hidden message.

When one follower suggested he was skeptical the message was actually there, Wyatt responded by saying, “It took years before a brilliant fan found the Fibonacci sequence within a TOOL album. I have been patient, and you are incorrect.”

Has Anyone Found It?

We reached out to Wyatt to see if anyone has found his message yet. We have not heard back and he has not commented saying that the few guesses that are out there are correct. We don’t know if he plans to reveal whether or not anyone is correct or what the prize is he’s offering?

Fans have certainly flocked to the 2015 videos to see if they can’t find the messages Wyatt is referring to. It will be interesting to see if that message is ultimately revealed.

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