Can WWE Find Its Next Austin 3:16 With King of the Ring Return?

WWE announced the return of the King of the Ring tournament starting next week on Raw. Who gets invited to take part and how long the tournament lasts is unclear but the in-ring competition will start next Monday and WWE is certainly hoping the winner launches himself much like previous winners in the past.

From Booker T to Bret Hart and the Macho King, wrestlers have used the platform offered by King of the Ring and gone on to become some of the biggest names in wrestling or extended their careers going in a completely different direction. As Goldberg would say, “Who’s next?”

Can. Andrade use King of the Ring to get noticed? Will Rey Mysterio break out of his funk and break his losing streak by winning four matches in a row? Will Buddy Murphy no longer be the best kept secret or will the tournament even include SmackDown Live stars since its taking place on Raw?

Whoever winds up part of the match, here’s to hoping they can use the tournament as a way to elevate themselves to an entirely different level.

If we had to choose a Superstar who may be able to win the tournament and run with it like Austin once did, our pick would be Drew McIntyre. You?

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