Cain Velasquez Negotiating With WWE

Current UFC star Cain Velasquez may be coming to your WWE television screen in the near future. Perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves but recent reports confirm Velasquez is in contract talks with the popular wrestling company and WWE is interested based on how quickly Velasquez has taken to the industry in his few appearances for AAA.

But, before anything can be finalized with WWE, the assumption is, Velasquez needs to get out of his UFC deal first.

Recent developments suggest Velasquez is exploring his options in the world of professional wrestling. He’s bouncing terms off of WWE, AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling, in hopes that he can get the best deal possible to take the next step in a business that could provide life and love after MMA. Specifically, it was learned the UFC star met with officials from WWE and All Elite Wrestling on Sunday. Dave Meltzer told Wrestling Observer RadioVelasquez has entered into “serious” discussions with WWE.

All eyes have been on Velasquez since he made his debut for lucha libre promotion AAA. He’s made a few appearances, impressed and the big boys have taken notice. His next appearance is slated to be on the AAA card for the Invading LA show in October. That said, he’s got some specific instructions and guidelines he must follow considering he’s still a part of the UFC.

Meltzer believes UFC has a tight leash on Velasquez when it comes to doing anything in the U.S. or Canada. Some believe that’s why he’s been seen sporting a mask. If he’s being handcuffed, this could pose delays in any WWE appearances should a deal be worked out.

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